• 29 May 19

Teaching job is one of the highly respectful jobs in our society. It is related to education and future building of children. Teacher job is one of the biggest responsibility of the society. However, we all know that in our country, the education sector is basically divided into two major parts, that is, Private education sector and Public education sector. The public sector of education directly comes under the government whereas the private sector of education is operated by the private individuals and companies. 

Now, when it comes in aspect of school teaching jobs in India, they too are basically classified in these two particular types. Therefore, in India, there are two kinds of school teachers: Public or government school teachers and Private school teachers. The nature of job and lifestyle is quite different when it comes to private schools and public school. Here are the following differences between the teachers of a public school from teachers of private school: 

1. Qualification of Teacher

Both the private schools and public schools have their own recruitment process for the teachers. For the public school there is a fixed process to decide by the governmental policies whereas in a private school the process varies from institution to institution. Generally, in a government school, the teacher is required to be graduate and have B.Ed., and D.Ed. degree. They also need to qualify the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET). But in private school, the criteria varies from the requirement and school itself.

2. Student Base

Now another factor which set apart the teachers of a public and private school is their student base. The student base is very different in both the school. So the teachers also need to adjust and teach according to the requirement. In a government school, the students are from different backgrounds and socio-economic conditions in comparison to a private school. 

3. Payment

Talking about the salary of a public teacher and a private teacher, the government school teacher is always in perks. The salary is fixed as per government policies as well as all the other facilities are provided to them. Whereas, in a private school, the salary of a teacher can be affected by many factors as the location of school, your qualification, rank of that school, your performance and many more factors.

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