• 30 May 19

Education is the most important aspect of the human beings. In the present time, amidst the throat cutting competition the education system and school are evolving and so is nature of the education. Just merely completing the assigned syllabus is not enough in the present world. The quality of education is one of the major emphases. All the schools are trying and putting their best efforts to provide the best level of the resources and maintain the quality of the education. 

Teachers are the pillars of any school. They are the base on which everything functions. The quality of teaching and education majorly depends on the teachers. But it is not something that can be done alone. Here are few following points which must be considered in order to improve the quality of teaching in schools:

1. Hire Qualified Teachers-Teachers are the pillars of the school. A school must make sure while hiring the teachers that they are qualified and skilled. As well as they have the potential to teach students. A good teacher can play a huge role in the improvement of the quality of education as well as the result.

2. Give Children a Real Say in Learning Process - It is very important for the schools and the teachers to give students the opportunity to have a real say about their experiences and the challenges in the learning process. The feedback from students will help the school to work on the issues and enhance the quality.

3. Conduct Meaningful Evaluations - It is extremely important to constantly keep evaluating the teacher's work as well as the student performances. Depending on the varying structures and points the school must regularly conduct meaningful evaluations to have a fair idea of the areas that need more work and efforts for improvements.  

4. Offer Constructive Feedback - The school management and the administrative department must keep the staffs and teachers enlightening with their constructive support and feedback about the work. This will motivate the teachers to do better and work on their weak areas. 

5. Provide Meaningful Professional Development - For a school, it is very important to maintain the quality of teaching. For this, the school need to be in touch with the teacher and offer them meaningful professional development. They need to appreciate the good work and promote teachers to boost their morale so that the teachers are content and happy in their career. So that they can offer their best to schools. 

6. Provide Adequate Resources - The nature of teaching has evolved with the technology and digitization. So to maintain the quality of education the schools must provide the teachers adequate resources for teaching. For example: digital classroom, smart labs, internet enabled campus etc.  

7. Establish Open Communication - Communication is the most important factor for the successful implementation of any agenda. For a school to function properly and to constantly getting better, it is important to have an open communication between the school administration, teachers and the students to implement all the ideas and keep working on the improvement of the quality of education and school. 

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