• 18 Aug 19

Meditation has helped many adults to gain peace of mind, confidence, and concentration and most importantly, develop a positive attitude. Mental health and a sound mind are equally important to a fit body for leading a good life. The benefits of meditation have been scientifically proven by various studies. Meditation can bring lots of positive energy and help us building a better and healthy life for ourselves both physically and mentally.

In this jet-setting age, people do not have the time to take proper care of themselves. The lifestyle has widely been affected by the digital and technological advancements. The new age children are pre addicted to the modern outlook of the life. In such circumstance, the idea of self-integration and self-exploration is left behind. It is important for us to teach our children the other aspect of life too which is much more than the jet setting lifestyle. 

It is a matter serious consideration for the well-being of students as well as teachers. After much experimentation and research, it was found that meditation has a positive impact on every human being. It brings about an immediate behavioural change in the learning attitude of the individual, be it a student or a teacher. It is advisable for parents to teach their children to meditate. It is high time that schools undertake this in their curriculum which would foster better performance from everyone in the organization. 

Benefits of Meditation

It has been found that meditation is beneficial for teachers & students in various ways. Here are some reasons that why schools should accept and start practicing the meditation:

1. Calm the Mind

Meditation brings peace of mind and helps us to keep our mental health sound. As a student the pressure of studies and competition is stressful. Thus, meditation is important for them. Once their minds are calm, their memory power increases. Children can also improve their concentration with the help of meditation. This helps in increasing their creativity and ability to solve complex problems. The same thing is as well applicable for the teachers. A sound mind can lead to better results for the students, teachers and school.

2. Reduce Hyperactivity

Meditation reduces hyperactivity. People can be more focused and can concentrate for hours. They can overcome emotional mood swings. Meditation helps them to escape from negative effects of tension and stress. This can help to build a dedicated and positive attitude for education and studies. 

3. Improve Social Skills

Meditation can help in removing the inhibitions in a pre-schooler. It changes their mind set and provides them with an entirely new outlook. Children start talking more than before and enjoy the company of other children as mediation helps us to be self-confident and that gives us the boost to improve our social skills. 

4. Increases Confidence Level

Meditation helps one connect with the self. However, this might sound little odd for kids. But this is the best time to inculcate this habit. It helps in boosting the morale. An increased confidence level enables them to take initiative and become more accountable. Accountability is a much desired goal when it comes to faculties. A teacher is not hired only for the subject know how, but also for the ways he connects with students and shows them way to improve upon their tasks.

5. Controls Emotions

Children who practice meditation learns to control their emotions. To develop a strong personality and stable demeanour. It is important to have control over the emotions. Meditation also helps manage strong emotions like anger, jealousy and aggression. Meditation teaches you the art of life and it is good to practice since your childhood and develop this habit while you explore yourself through meditation. 

Meditation Tips for Teachers & Students

  1. You should never force anyone to start meditation. First, teach them the benefits of meditation.
  2. Great way of teaching meditation is deep breathing techniques which could include belly breathing and alternate nostril breathing. Start with basics.
  3. Visualization of the well being benefits. This will help them be focused on one thing for some time.
  4. Make it simple. Let them just relax. They can sit in a particular way and close their eyes to meditate.
  5. Meditate yourself every day. Children will learn by watching you meditate in a particular manner.
  6. Spend time with nature and ask your child to observe the surroundings. This will help to get some fresh air and will also calm them down.

Follow the mentioned tips to and every school should foster a session for meditation. It will definitely make them strong and impactful individuals. School should start initiating workshops and camps for meditations for their students. For a building a better nation, we need better people and for that we need better lifestyle which the basic habits like meditation can be important building block of a sound personality. 

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