• 27 Jan 20

The ancient Hebrew proverb 'cleanliness is next to godliness'  is the fiery symbol of progressiveness and culturalization of human beings to its supreme extent.

This verse is not only reflecting the importance of cleanness but also puts the whole habit and practice nearby the quality of devoutly religious. It is the quality of being devoutly clean and hygienic. 

There are many aspects of cleanness in our life and society but broadly can be fragmented into two parts i.e. Cleanness outside and cleaning inward. Both are complementing each other and cannot sustain or exist in isolation.  

First, we need to understand the relevancy and importance of cleanness, how it, directly and indirectly, effecting our life as well as the whole ecosystem. 

Generally, everyone cares about their health, body, and appearance first; cleanness is probably the most significant for the body, health, and personality of any individual. A healthy body and mind can only place anyone to supreme success in career and life. 

Health is directly related and proportional to hygiene and cleanness as being a part of the maintenance of machine that is the human body. Without proper maintenance and cleaning it cannot work smoothly in the long run, so we need to clean it, detoxify it and keep it apart from any kind of contamination. Here is some very important dimension of cleanliness and associated practices and stuff that will be helpful to know the importance of cleanliness.

1. Personal cleaning

Bathing, nail cutting, maintaining hygiene, hair cut, etc are just a regular procedure of this process that helps our system to rejuvenate. Every student must have to know their body first so that they can perform well in their academics.

An unhealthy mind and body drag down the efficiency and productivity of students. Hence, cleanness is not a formal routine or responsibility; it is essential for survival as a human being that needs proper guidance and knowledge. Schools as being the training camps of growing generation need to adopt cleanliness as a part of their syllabus so that students get proper guidance and education about the functioning and maintenance of the human-machine.

2. Cleaning surroundings

Cleaning surrounding is just an extension of personal hygiene only, as it affects our body directly. Unhealthy surroundings, dirt and impurity are the roots of all kinds of disease. Germs and bacteria's  that used to germinate in mess, dirt, filth, and garbage. It causes malodor, grubbiness and ultimately makes people sick. So students should provoke to clean their surroundings along with activities, methods, and practices to clean neighborhoods.

3. Cleaning Appearance  

The world is all about presentation, impression, and appearance. It not only establishes anyone but also strengthens their acceptance and position. Neat and clean clothes, dirt-free outlook and order less hygiene attract everybody. Now a day, it is a part of personality development that must be taught to every student. 

4. Cleaning of thoughts

Thoughts turn a man into a man. The second aspect of cleanliness is the purity of thoughts. Ethics and rumination about humankind pour humanitarian qualities in students and effortlessly limit them to participate in any miss did. The responsibility of schools and teachers get increased in this very case. They have the responsibility to craft good habits and practices into a growing mind.    

Eventually, cleaning our body is as important as or more important than worship as we cannot feel spirituality in a dirty atmosphere. With good Habit, practice and following Nobel thoughts no one ever dare to pollute this world.