•  esythink is not a recruitment agency, here we create opportunities for both schools as well as teachers.
  •  We don’t have any service charges.
  •  We don’t have any hidden charges.
  •  We have transparent method of online examination for teachers.
  •  There is a nominal examination fees for Hiring Tournament based on school level.
  •  We are creating pathways for schools and teachers.
  •  We link the bridge between untapped and well qualified teachers with the private schools.

Cancellation policy
  •  After booking the seats of school there is no provision of cancellation.
  •  Payment is non refundable after the lapse of allotted cancellation time period.

  •  Nominal fee for online examination based on school level.
  •  No hidden charges.
  •  Candidates Can apply to Unlimited school.
  •  100% Genuine
  •  24X7 online support 

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